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Digital Melting Point Apparatus


  • Extremely Useful for Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Highly Accurate & Easy to Operate
  • Available TFT Screen with High Resolution Camera for Viewing Capillaries
  • 4 Digit 7-Segment LED Display
  • Digital Readout for Temperature 0.1 oC
  • Silicon Oil-Bath and In-built Magnetic Stirrer for UniformHeating
  • Glare-free Illuminator and Large Magnifier for Stain free Observation
  • Melting Point Apparatus with TFT display&4 digit LED display is designed for accurate measurement of melting points andfor checking the melting range of the solid samples. The apparatus consists ofa silicon oil-bath of about 200 ml capacity, covered with a Ptfe cover with 5holes, fitted with a special type of oil immersion heater and having threeholes for holding the capillaries, one for boiling point tube and one for thethermometer. It is supplied with high resolution camera & TFT displayscreen to view sample in capillaries.

    The apparatus consists of an in-built magneticstirrer, an electronic controller with indicator for precisely adjusting therate of heating of silicon oil-bath,an ON/OFF switch, a pilot lamp, amagnifier, glare free background illuminator and a High/Low range temperatureselector switch and digital temperature indicator with PT-100 RTD sensor.

    The 'Start' switch is used to start the measurement of melting point. User can stop the process of measurement using'Stop' switch after the instrument reaches the melting point of the sample. Thedisplay will always show the last temperature where 'Stop' switch was pressedin last measurement. Clear switch is used to clear the display to zero.


    TFT Screen Available with high resolution camera for viewing capillaries
    Display 4 Digit, 7-Segment LED Display
    Temperature 0 - 300 oC
    Resolution 0.1 oC
    Capillary Glass Tubes 75mm long, 0.8 to 1.1mm internal diameter
    Boiling Point Glass Tubes 6 x 75 mm glass tube
    Sample Amount Fine powder properly dried at a temperature considerably below its melting point 4 - 6 mm high
    Oil-Bath Silicon oil-bath beaker 200 ml capacity with Ptfe cover fitted with oil immersion heater. It has three holes for holding the capillaries, boiling point tube and thermometer
    Stirrer Speed Controllable with front knob
    Power 230 V + 10%, 50 Hz. AC
    Dimensions 370 x 290 x 290 mm (L x B x H) (Approx.)
    Weight 12 Kg (Approx.)
    Accessories Box of Capillaries,  Glass Tubes for Liquid Sample (6x75mm) -2 Nos.,  Magnetic Capsule, Bottle of Silicon Oil - 250ml, Glass Cylindrical Beaker with Ptfe cover for beaker fitted with immersion heater, Operation Manual, Dust Cover
    Note : Specificationsare subject to change due to continuous improvements.